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Shrek the Musical

Director/Choreographer: Andrea St. Clair
Music Director: Lori Harvey
Stage Manager: Rebecca Greb


Shrek Audition Information and Requirements;


Auditions will be held on: *Sunday, April 29th at 6:30 pm, and *Monday, April 30th at 6:30 pm at the theatre.*


*Auditioners do not need to attend both nights.


Audition Requirements:


If auditioning for Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Farquaad, Mama Ogre, Dragon, Papa Ogre: Please prepare 16-32 bars of a song that shows off both vocal range and personality. We would prefer songs from modern musical theatre of the last 20 years.


If auditioning for Fairytale characters: please prepare 16-32 bars of a character song that shows comedic chops, personality, and range. Songs can be from any era of musical theatre but should be a character song. (If auditioning for Pinocchio, please also be prepared to vocalize scales after your song selection.)


The audition will consist of a vocal audition, cold read, and dance audition.


The dance audition will cover basic movement as well as more challenging dance choreography. If you tap, please bring tap shoes (flats okay) as there will be an optional tap audition after the basic dance audition.




Callbacks will be held on Sunday, May 6th at 2pm.


We will call back for most characters, however, if you are not called back, it does not necessarily mean that you will not be cast in the show. Auditioners will be notified if they are called back.


A Note for both auditions and callbacks: We are looking for characters that are BIG, BOLD, and CREATIVE. Please do not play it safe in auditions! Bring any character type voice that you have and be prepared to play around a bit. Please see the Character Breakdown list for more specific information.

Sunday, April 29th at 6:30pm, and Monday, April 30th at 6:30pm at the Theatre
One day is required

Shrek the Musical – Character Descriptions


We are looking for a cast of all ages, shapes, sizes, races, and gender identities. “What Makes you Special, Makes you Strong.” We especially need big personalities and unique characters to fill out this not-so-average fairytale!


LEADS (Please note: If you are auditioning for one of the four roles below, you will be expected to be off book as soon as possible.)


Shrek – portrays age  range 25-45 – Lead. Grumpy, smelly ogre that turns into our hero. Very strong vocal, comedic, and dramatic chops. Moves well. Sings: Baritone (A2-G#4)


Fiona – portrays age range 20-30 – Lead. Quirky, blunt, strong anti-princess with comedic chops. Multi-talented. Must tap and move extremely well. Sings: Soprano/Belt (F3-G6)


Donkey – portrays age range 20-35. Lead. Funny sidekick scene stealer who is a chatterbox.. Strong comedic chops, moves well. Must be comfortable with improvisation. Actor of color strongly preferred for this role. Sings: Bari-Tenor (C3-B4)


Lord Farquaad – portrays age range 25-45+. Lead. Comically short ruler of Duloc. He is self-absorbed, lonely, and cruel. Must have strong comedic chops and ability to improvise. Very physical role, as character is on knees (with knee pads) throughout the show. Sings: Bari-Tenor (B2-D5)


ENSEMBLE (Please note that MOST of these roles have solos, duets, or are featured HEAVILY. All of these roles must be portrayed by actors with a combination of the following: strong vocals, strong comedic timing/character voices, and dance ability (or can move well.) A small number MUST TAP (Rat Tapper roles will be decided upon tap audition.)  If you are inclined to audition for only one role, we strongly encourage you to consider some of the roles listed below.  You may want to listen to the cast recording or filmed version on Netflix to see just how much the ensemble is featured! **Tracks subject to change depending on turnout.**


Pinocchio: portrays age range 20-40 – Supporting. Sassy leader of the fairytale characters. Strong singer/actor. Must have strong character voice. Ability to sing falsetto a must. May also portray the Lion King voice in “Traveling Song,” and other possible roles. Must move well. Will also consider a female for this role. Sings solos in “Story of My Life,” and “Freak Flag.” (Range: E3-F#4)


Dragon/Mama Bear: portrays age range 20-50+. – Big, soulful belt. Both characters are big and bold. Actor of color strongly preferred for this role. Sings “Forever.” May also play other minor roles. Must move well. (Range: F3-Eb5)


Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy – portrays age range 20-40.  A gingerbread man kidnapped by Lord Farquaad. Puppet. Must have very strong high-pitched character voice. Operated by the actress playing Sugar Plum Fairy (Sugar Plum Fairy has a Russian accent.) Will double as a Happy Villager, and a Duloc dancer. (Range: B3-C#5) Mezzo/Belter.


Mama Ogre/Humpty Dumpty: portrays age range 20-50+ – Big, warm belt. Should have strong comedic chops as Humpty Dumpty. Moves well. Sings duet, “Big, Bright Beautiful World” that opens our show, as well as a powerful solo in “Freak Flag.” Also doubles as a guard.   Mezzo/Belter.


Papa Ogre/” Straw” (3 Little Pigs): portrays 20-50+ – Strong vocal chops. As Papa Ogre, he has a beautiful duet, “Big, Bright Beautiful World,” that opens our show. As one of the 3 Little Pigs, actor must be able to learn a german accent through rehearsals. Moves well. Will also play other minor roles. Should be good with harmony. Tenor.


Fairy Godmother/Queen Lillian: portrays 20-50+ – Bubbly as the Fairy Godmother. Has solo lines in “Story of My Life.” As Queen Lillian, has featured solo lines in “Big, Bright Beautiful World.” Will double as a Duloc dancer and the Bluebird. Soprano


Papa Bear/Kind Harold/Thelonious: portrays 20-50+ – Loveable but discontent as Papa Bear.  Has solo singing lines in “Big, Bright, Beautiful World” as King Harold.” Will also portray Thelonious, Lord Farquaad’s executioner.  Baritone (Range D2-E3)


Baby Bear/Three Blind Mice: portrays 10+-30+ (adult role) As Baby Bear, featured in “Story of My Life” and “Freak Flag,” and as one of the 3 Blind Mice, will be featured in “Make a Move.” Will also double as a Duloc dancer, a Happy Villager in opening sequence. Should be a great dancer, hip-hop a plus! Alto


Wicked Witch: portrays 30-50+ As the Wicked Witch, she’s strong and outspoken. Originally played with a New York/Brooklyn accent. Has solo bit in “Story of My Life.” Will also be featured as a Happy Villager, and a Duloc Dancer. Alto


Big Bad Wolf: portrays 25-50+ Cross-dressing wolf with a diva attitude who is consistently misunderstood. Will double as a guard and other roles. (E3-F#4)


Shoemaker’s Elf/Three Blind Mice: portrays 18-50+ Usually played by a woman, the Shoemaker’s elf is spunky. Will double as a happy villager, duloc dancer, and as a member of the Three Blind Mice. Should move extremely well. Hip-hop a plus! Mezzo.


Bricks (3 Little Pigs): One of the harmonizing trio of the 3 Little Pigs. Should be able to harmonize well and learn a German accent. Should move well. Also doubles as a guard and a duloc dancer.  (#1 must sing to A above middle C;  #2 tenor or low alto; #3 tenor/baritone)


Sticks (3 Little Pigs): One of the harmonizing trio of the 3 Little Pigs. Should be able to harmonize well and learn a German accent. Should move well. Also doubles as a guard and a duloc dancer, and other minor roles. (#1 must sing to A above middle C;  #2 tenor or low alto; #3 tenor/baritone)

Mad Hatter: portrays 18-50+ Will also double as a guard, duloc dancer, and possible other minor roles. Should move well.  Baritone


Peter Pan: portrays 18-35+ – The boy who never grows old, yet…he has. Open to casting on this role (boyish, pixish role v. older man.) Should dance. Will double as a Duloc dancer, Guard, and possible other roles. (Alto w/belt or tenor)


White Rabbit: portrays 25-50+ Part of the fairytale creatures. Ability to hop a lot a plus! Will also double as a Duloc dancer, and possible other roles. Must move well/dance. Baritone


Ugly Duckling/Three Blind Mice: portrays 20+ and will double as a Happy Villager, Duloc doll, and possible other roles. Hip Hop skills a plus! Soprano.


Captain of the Guard/Bishop: portrays 30+-50+ Angry enforcer of Farquaad’s banishment of the fairytale characters. Also plays the Bishop. May also be used for other minor characters. Strong actor.


Pied Piper/Ensemble:  portrays 18+ As the Pied Piper, he is having challenges getting his rats to follow him during “Morning Person.” Will also double as a Guard. Should be able to move.




Young Fiona/Dwarf/Gretel – portrays 7+ (to be cast 10+) – Strong belt and acting chops. Sings in “I Know It’s Today.” Also portrays Dwarf in Act 2 (with v/o), and Gretel in “Freak Flag.” Should move well. Alto w/belt


Teen Fiona/Little Red Riding Hood – portrays 14-16+ (open to casting 18-20) – Strong belt with comedic chops. Sings in “I Know It’s Today.” Doubles as Little Red in “Freak Flag” and as a Happy Villager.  Possible Fiona Double. Should move well. Alto w/belt.


Young Shrek/Hansel – portrays 7+ (to be cast 10+) – No solo singing, featured in “Big, Bright Beautiful World.” This young actor needs to move well. Will be used as Hansel in “Freak Flag.” Open to young boy or girl playing this role.

Cast Lists

GILES: Jeff Nauer
SAM: Bailey Robinson Burmester
SOFIA: Siobhan Hazelwood
EB: Steven O’Shea
FLO: Melissa Dahlberg

Thank you to all who auditioned. We had over 85!  What an amazing turnout.  Please check back, more auditions are happening soon.  

Tracy:  Carlie Robinson
Edna:  Jason Hammond
Wilbur: Bob Cooner
Link: Ryan Everitt
Amber: Mckinley  Carlisle
Velma: Patricia Glass
Penny: Katie Halls
Seaweed: TBD
Little Inez:  Journey Ostlind
Prudy:  Chris Stewart
Motormouth:  Deborah Hammond
Corny Collins:  Ryan Hook


Council Members

Tammy:  Hayley Harrison
Brad:  Quintin Casl
Fender:  Giovanni Garcia
Brenda:  Erin Bruni .
Sketch:  Taylor Bailey
Shelley:  Katherine Fio
IQ:  Marcus Lucia
Lou Ann:  Jordan Hayakawa



Judine:  Olivia Averett
Kamilah:  Zaara Little
Shayna:  TBD

Harriman Spritzer:  David Cross
Mr. Pinky/ensemble:  Josh Wheeler
Gym Teacher/ensemble:  Jia-Min Rosendale.
Principal:  Mary Dahlberg
Matron solo/ensemble:  Maggie Witmer
Beatnick Chick solo:  Emily O’Flaherty
Guard/ensemble:  Jennifer Goldman
Gilbert:  TBD
Stooie:  TBD
Cindy Watkins:  Olivia Averett
Lorraine:  Zaara Little
Students/ensembl:  Emily O’Flaherty, Lela Rosendale
Detention Students/ensemble:  Chloe Sears, James Hayakawa,
Hookers/Ensemble: Noah Patterson, Allison Weaver, Julie Matolo


Ushers and Docents

The Woodland Opera House Guild is seeking ushers and tour docents.

Become a guild member and support the Woodland Opera House. Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre. And of course, there is the good feeling of supporting our fabulous historic Woodland Opera House.


As a State Historic Park the opera house offers tours. The Woodland Opera House is one of the smallest state parks in the California Park system and a designated historic landmark. Share our remarkable history by becoming a tour docent.


Join the Woodland Opera House Guild Thinking about becoming a guild member? These frequently asked questions may help you decide:


What is the Woodland Opera House Guild? The Guild is an organization of men and women who want to insure the success of the historic Woodland Opera House by volunteering their services. Anyone over the age of 16 may join. Children 12-15 years old may join if sponsored by and accompanied to events by an adult member.


Are there lots of meetings? There is an orientation meeting when you first join, then one meeting a year. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Their meetings are open to any member.


How much does it cost? The dues for an active member are $25.00 per year. If you wish to join, but do not feel you can work much, or not at all, you may join as an Associate member. Associate dues are $40.00 per year. We have recently added a family membership for $90 a year. This is ideal for families of 4 or more that reside at the same address.


What can I do as a volunteer? You can: usher at all Main Stage and Family productions and concerts, give out programs, provide help and assistance to our patrons, help backstage, sew costumes, paint sets, help with refreshments, serve on the Board, decorate for the holidays, learn to give tours, help with fundraisers, and many other tasks. There is always need for additional help and something for everyone. Let us know how you would like to contribute.


How often do I have to work? Active members are requested to help out at least 6 times a year. Most members enjoy serving much more than that. Associate members are not required to work, but their services are always welcome. They may sign up to volunteer for any event, performance or concert as they wish.


What’s in it for me? The satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep the Historic Woodland Opera House Theatre vital is your greatest reward. More tangible rewards are seeing the performances and concerts free when you work at them, invitations to social events, and meeting wonderful dedicated people like yourself. Each member keeps a record of their hours served in a binder. Members having 50 or more hours a year are honored at the annual Chesley Awards (W.O.H.’s Academy Award). Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre and spend some quality time together supporting our fabulous Historic Woodland Opera House.

Wish List

The Woodland Opera House depends on the generosity of those who help!  A wish list is one way for your to contribute.

We are wishing for a volunteer handyman.  If you are interested please call our office at 530-666-9617

Here is our running wish list:

  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Portable Air Compressor
  • 88 weighted key board
  • Wardrobe Racks
  • Shelving
  • Dance Accessories (mats, ribbons, hoops, etc.)
  • Heavy duty belt sander
  • Large Rugs and Runners
  • Battery Operated screw guns

We also participate in the Amazon Smile program, where many of our wish list items can be purchased and shipped directly to us.  It’s convenient and always appreciated!