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Once On this Island


book and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, music by Stephen Flaherty
based on the novel My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy

This Young Adult Performer’s Series Production is for experienced actors between the ages of 13-23. This show contains mature material along with difficult music and dance.


AUDITION DATES: Sunday, April 7th at 4:00pm and Monday, April 8th at 7:00pm at 415 Fourth Street, Woodland.

Rehearsals begin April 28 and will be held Sunday through Thursdays from 7-9:30 PM

Two young girls between the ages 5-10 years old are needed for this show as well. Auditions for these roles will be at 3:00pm on Sunday, April 7th at 415 Fourth Street, Woodland.


PERFORMANCE DATES: June 21-23 & 28-30



Musical Director: LORI JARVEY
Choreographer: EVA SARRY


ONCE ON THIS ISLAND is a play within a play. It opens in the present, on a Caribbean island, where a group of villagers have taken refuge from a growing storm. In order to comfort a scared child in their midst, they tell the legend of the orphan girl Ti Moune. The villagers play the different characters in their tale, weaving music, dance and storytelling into a magical fable of star-crossed lovers, temperamental island gods, and the power of love.



BRING A PHOTO AND RESUME with you to the audition. It does NOT have to be a professional photo.


WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING. A dance routine will be taught then performed in small groups.

PREPARE A SONG in the style of pop, gospel or contemporary musical theatre that accurately demonstrates your vocal ability and range and have sheet music in the appropriate key. We will provide an accompanist. No a cappella or CD accompaniment auditions please.

Callbacks for those asked to return will be held on Wednesday, April 10th at 7:00pm.



Note: the story told in Once On This Island includes a history of the island’s color caste system, and its predominantly African heritage. We are open to the possibility of non-traditional casting choices and encourage everyone, of all ethnicities, to audition.


TI MOUNE  Female,  vocal range A3-E5 (bright belt mezzo) A peasant girl. Curious and energetic with an infectious joy for life


DANIEL  Male, vocal range B2-F4 (warm light tenor) Ti Moune’s love interest. A member of the ruling class, torn between duty and love


AGWE Male, vocal range B2-G4 (full high baritone) God of the Sea. Powerful yet playful


ASAKA Female, vocal range E3-E5 (powerful gospel mezzo) Mother of the Earth. Fierce with a wicked sense of humor


ERZULIE  Female, vocal range A3-E5 (warm lyrical mezzo)  Goddess of Love. Warm and kind


PAPA GE  Male or Female, vocal range B2-G4 (sharp lead tenor /mezzo) The Spirit of Death. A trickster. Lithe and mysterious


MAMA EURALIE Female, vocal range G3-C5 (warm lyrical alto)  Ti Moune’s adoptive mother. Tries to be stern but has a generous spirit


TONTON JULIAN Male, vocal range A2-E4 (light baritone)  Ti Moune’s adoptive father. Gentle with a quiet strength


ANDREA  Female,  vocal range B3-D5 (warm soprano) Daniel’s betrothed


ARMAND  Male (Bass-Baritone)  Daniel’s father


STORYTELLERS (Ensemble) Male and Female


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!


Audition Dates:  Sunday, May 12th at 7pm & Monday, May 13th at 7:30 pm


Location: The Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex at 520 Court Street, Woodland, CA 95695


Callbacks: Tuesday, May 14th at 7:30 pm (if needed)


Important Dates:  Rehearsals will begin early-to-mid June, show runs August 2nd through 18th.

Children’s Audition: Sunday May 12th at 6pm. (Please note that this is the only night that we will audition children.)
They will bring the same requirements as the adults. This will be the ONLY night that we will see children to allow time for the adults to be seen in an efficient manner. 


What to Prepare: 16-32 bars of an appropriate song from a musical from the ‘40’s to the 60’s that shows range and character.  An accompanist will be provided. Please, no acapella or recorded music.


Please also be prepared to dance and do cold reads from the script (if time allows.)


What to Bring: Headshot with resume and list of conflicts for the rehearsal process.  ** No conflicts allowed for the week before tech through the run of the show (please be aware that conflicts will affect casting!) Clothes/shoes to move in


Character Breakdown:


Caractacus Potts

An eccentric, brilliant, English inventor and loving father and son. His inventions and children are his life. Must be able to move well and command a stage.  Age to appear: 35-50. Vocal range: A3 to G5


Jemimah Potts

Caractucus’s daughter. She is an adventurous girl with a vivid imagination. A total child at heart who loves her family. Strong actress that moves well. Age to play: 10-13. Vocal range: C4 to E5


Jeremy Potts

Caractucus’s son. An adventurous boy with a vivid imagination. A total child at heart who loves his family. Strong actor that moves well. Age to play: 10-13. Vocal range: C4 to E5


Truly Scrumptious

Daughter of the famous candy maker, Lord Scrumptious. Strong and independent, but gentle. Falls in love with Caractacus. Excellent singer that moves well. Age to appear: 20-30. Vocal range: A3 to E5


Grandpa Potts

Caractacus Potts’s father, who is a former war hero. He loves to tell old War stories. A sort of second father to Jeremy and Jemima. Strong character actor. Age to play: 60-75 Vocal range: C4 to E5


The Toymaker

With all children outlawed in Vulgaria, this toy-making genius only works for the child-like Baron. Smart but frightened. May double as MR. COGGINS, SID, and INVENTOR. Age to play: 45 to 60 Vocal range: C4 to E5


The Childcatcher

He makes sure that Vulgaria is child-free. Evil and manipulative. Hates children almost as much as the Baroness. Very strong character actor. May double as JUNKMAN and TURKEY CATCHER. Age to play: 45 to 60.  Speaking role.


Boris The Spy

A member of the two-person Vulgarian gang that works for the Baron and Baroness. Though he is not very smart, he is the leader. Very strong character actor.  Age to play: 25 to 45. Vocal range: C4 to G5


Goran The Spy

One member of the two-person Vulgarian gang that works for the baron and Baroness. A dumb oaf. Strong character actor.  Age to play: 25 to 40. Vocal range: D4 to G5.


Baroness Bomburst

Head of the Vulgarian Parliament and a hater of children. Tyrannical and dramatic. Must be an excellent character actress! May double as MISS PHILLIPS and VIOLET.  Age to play: 30 to 55 Vocal range: G3 to G5


Baron Bomburst

Tyrannical ruler of Vulgaria and a lover of toys. A man-child, he is very immature, needy, and whiney. Must be an excellent character actor! May double as LORD SCRUMPTIOUS. Age to play: 35 to 55 Vocal range: E4 to E5



Actors/Singers/Dancers needed to portray Kids; Inventors; Soldiers; Townspeople; English Crowd. Looking for a variety of sizes, shapes and abilities. Must be good with character work.


Cast Lists

Oscar/Doctor…………………Richard Kleeberg

Andy Lee/Ensemble…….Darryl Strohl-DeHerrera

Maggie Jones……………………Lenore Sebastian

Bert Barry…………………………Gil Sebastian

Mac…………………………………..Jeff Nauer

Phyllis/Ensemble……………Christine Miyashiro

Lorraine/Ensemble…………………Katie Halls

Annie/Ensemble………………Hayley Harrison

Diane/Ensemble……………………Katherine Fio

Ethel/Ensemble……………………Lindsay Nevin

Gladys/Ensemble………………….Jenny Lillge

Winnie/Ensemble…………………Julia Molinaro

Millie/Ensemble…………………..Veronica Jarboe

Billy Lawlor………………….Michael David Smith

Peggy Sawyer…………………Ernestine Balisi

Julian Marsh……………………..Scott Martin

Dorothy Brock…………………..Patricia Glass

Abner Dillon………………………David Cross

Pat Denning…………………………Bob Cooner

Waiter/Robin/Ensemble………………Danny Beldi

Waiter/Man with Clipboard/Ensemble….Taylor Bailey

Frankie/Thug/Bartender/Ensemble……..Eddie Voyce

Thug/Ensemble…………………John Thompson

Rumpelstiltskin     Marcia Gollober

Rob                      Eddie Voyce

Jane                      Emily Jo Shepherd

King                    Steve Cairns

Queen                    Nancy Agee

Prince Albert         Barrett Shepherd

Landlord               Ania Mieszkowska

Messenger             Kate Loscutoff

Guards/Townspersons     Will Loscutoff, Jennifer Goldman, Scott Goldman


Ushers and Docents

The Woodland Opera House Guild is seeking ushers and tour docents.

Become a guild member and support the Woodland Opera House. Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre. And of course, there is the good feeling of supporting our fabulous historic Woodland Opera House.


As a State Historic Park the opera house offers tours. The Woodland Opera House is one of the smallest state parks in the California Park system and a designated historic landmark. Share our remarkable history by becoming a tour docent.


Join the Woodland Opera House Guild Thinking about becoming a guild member? These frequently asked questions may help you decide:


What is the Woodland Opera House Guild? The Guild is an organization of men and women who want to insure the success of the historic Woodland Opera House by volunteering their services. Anyone over the age of 16 may join. Children 12-15 years old may join if sponsored by and accompanied to events by an adult member.


Are there lots of meetings? There is an orientation meeting when you first join, then one meeting a year. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Their meetings are open to any member.


How much does it cost? The dues for an active member are $25.00 per year. If you wish to join, but do not feel you can work much, or not at all, you may join as an Associate member. Associate dues are $40.00 per year. We have recently added a family membership for $90 a year. This is ideal for families of 4 or more that reside at the same address.


What can I do as a volunteer? You can: usher at all Main Stage and Family productions and concerts, give out programs, provide help and assistance to our patrons, help backstage, sew costumes, paint sets, help with refreshments, serve on the Board, decorate for the holidays, learn to give tours, help with fundraisers, and many other tasks. There is always need for additional help and something for everyone. Let us know how you would like to contribute.


How often do I have to work? Active members are requested to help out at least 6 times a year. Most members enjoy serving much more than that. Associate members are not required to work, but their services are always welcome. They may sign up to volunteer for any event, performance or concert as they wish.


What’s in it for me? The satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep the Historic Woodland Opera House Theatre vital is your greatest reward. More tangible rewards are seeing the performances and concerts free when you work at them, invitations to social events, and meeting wonderful dedicated people like yourself. Each member keeps a record of their hours served in a binder. Members having 50 or more hours a year are honored at the annual Chesley Awards (W.O.H.’s Academy Award). Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre and spend some quality time together supporting our fabulous Historic Woodland Opera House.

Wish List

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Here is our running wish list:

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      • Battery Operated screw guns

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