Broadway Bound - Training and Performance Group

Broadway Bound

Training and Performance Group


Founded back in the mid-2010’s as a way to provide more opportunities for the top of next generation of young performers at the Woodland Opera House, Broadway Bound is an audition-only training and performance group that meets weekly each academic year from September to May.  All members are between the ages of 11-years-old and 18-years-old (high school senior.) 


Broadway Bound’s weekly rehearsals include: 

  • A group vocal lesson
  • Acting Workshop
  • Dance Workshop


Occasionally, due to the needs of their performance calendar, their weekly schedule may vary to allow for rehearsal for a particular performance.  When not rehearsing for an upcoming performance, Broadway Bound members work on vocal technique, music theory, improvisation, various acting techniques (working monologues, songs as a monologue, duo scenes, etc.) and dance (studying various styles, choreography projects, studying the history of musical theatre dance, etc.) The goal is to take performers that wish to dedicate their passion for musical theatre and bring them to the next level.  

Broadway Bound members serve as ambassadors of the Woodland Opera House and are thereby expected to commit to high expectations becoming of an elite training and performance group. Regular attendance is expected at all weekly rehearsals and all members and their parents sign a contract of expectations prior to the academic year’s start.  


Broadway Bound auditions annually in the early-to-mid summer for the following academic year. Members are expected to commit to the full year commitment. Trust us, it’s worth it! 


In previous years, Broadway Bound has performed at various local festivals and events, including:

  • Disneyland
  • In-house events for the Woodland Opera House
  • The local Woodland Rotary clubs
  • The Sacramento Republic FC soccer team*
  • The local Cal Ripken and Little League baseball leagues*
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Sacramento RiverCats *


*Denotes National Anthem performance.


Broadway Bound is currently run by Education Director, Andrea St. Clair, and Music Director, Lori Jarvey. 


If you are interested in having Broadway Bound perform at your event, please email here for more information. 


Announcing Auditions for 

2024-25  Broadway Bound

Training and Performance Group


Performers must be 11-18* years old for the 2024-25 school year.

*Rising HS Senior


Auditions: Saturday, July 27th at 1 PM

Theatre and Dance Annex, 520 Court Street (between First and College)


What to Expect: 

Auditions will consist of a dance audition and a vocal/acting audition including a brief interview.

 In addition to Broadway Bound staff, adjudicators representing different aspects of the Woodland Opera House will be present to help select the next season’s Broadway Bound members. 


What to Bring:

    • A 16-32 bar cut of a musical theater song that represents you at your best (showing both vocal and acting range.) Please make sure sheet music is clearly marked if there are any cuts.
    • A 1-minute monologue from a published play that is age-appropriate and shows range.
    • Clothes that both show your personality and professionalism.  You will be allowed to change after the dance audition. 
    • Please bring proper dance shoes for the dance audition. 
    • A headshot and resume.  
  • A list of known conflicts for the year. 


Broadway Bound Commitment: 

Wednesday Rehearsals 4:30 to 7:00 pm, September 2024 through May 2025**

Tuition: $85/month

**Rehearsal time may adjust slightly due to commitments.


Plans for the 2024-25 Broadway Bound group will include regular musical theater training (voice, acting, dance), performances at local events (think professional sporting events, city events etc.) a performance at The Big Reveal, performances at our Spring Musical Theatre Showcase, and more depending on casting, availability, and interest! Broadway Bound members are encouraged to participate in shows both at the Woodland Opera House and throughout the region. 


Please note: Attending weekly rehearsals and a commitment to the group are essential

 for making the year’s cast performances successful.  Parents and Cast will sign a performance/behavior contract upon the start of the 2023-24 season. 


If you cannot attend regular rehearsals, please do not audition. 


Broadway Bound Member Requirements for the 2023-24 Year:

  • Each member will be obligated to have a weekly private voice lesson. These are not held by the Woodland Opera House. If you need recommendations for a private voice instructor, we have a list of talented teachers where you may start your search.
  • Each member will be required to take at least one dance class from any of the below styles. While classes do not need to be taken at the Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex, they are strongly encouraged. If the performer opts to take elsewhere, we will do monthly check-ins to see how outside classes are progressing with the performer’s family.
    • Jazz
    • Ballet
    • Hip-Hop
  •  These will be required as our group rehearsal/workshop time will not allow much time to focus on the individual. These outside requirements will assist each performer in growing exponentially throughout the year. 


What Others Say:

” It’s clear that their theater program helps create confident young artists who work

incredibly well as an ensemble and take pride in their work.” 

– Rob Rokicki, Broadway Composer of The Lightning Thief, The Percy Jackson Musical


“This program is clearly creating a safe and nurturing environment in which the young people

can rely on each other and bring their full selves to the rehearsal room.”

– Nina Meehan, Innovation and Creativity Speaker/Consultant