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Director: Cheryl Watson

Stage Manager: Lisa Bruni

Music Director: Lori Jarvey

Choreographer: Andrea St. Clair


General Auditions: Monday January 20 and Tuesday January 21 at 7:00 pm at the Rehearsal Studio at 415 4th Street


About “Curious George: The Golden Meatball”

Everyone’s favorite little monkey and his trusty human companion, The Man with the Yellow Hat, bring their fun-filled friendship to The Woodland Opera House Stage in this live musical delight. And this time George’s endless curiosity–and a big-hearted desire to help his neighborhood friend and chef, Luigi–takes him on a whirlwind, worldwide adventure to Europe for The Golden Meatball culinary competition.



Performance dates:  March 27, 28, 29 April 3, 4 and 5.  Fridays at 7:30 PM and Saturday and Sundays at 2 PM


School Outreach performances are on April 2 at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. 



  • short combination will be taught/ Wear appropriate shoes and clothing



  • Prepare a short cutting (16 bars) from an up-tempo Broadway style song.



Be prepared to do one of the following: and don’t be afraid to go over the top and broad in your delivery. Remember this is a broad slapstick comedy so be as physical as possible while still getting your point across.


  • Describe how to prepare a delicious dish as if you are auditioning for the Food Network
  • Paint a picture and describe what inspired your creation.


  • Tell a joke as big and as bold as you can make it. Please self-edit this is a family show.


Callbacks on Thursday January 23 at 7:30 pm.


Readings from the script with additional singing and movement if needed. 

Curious George actors must be available for rehearsals beginning January 26-through tech week and performance. Actors of all types are highly encouraged to audition. All roles are open, Age range is late teen – adult. The part of George is a highly physical role and an actor must have great physical agility and a very expressive face. All ages 12 and above will be considered for George. All other parts are gender and age neutral.   


Anticipated Casting Breakdown and Doubling 

Actor #1- Painter / Delivery Person / Nettie / Chef O’ Malley (Age 16+)

Actor #2- Doorman / Cook / Phinneas’ Crowd / Delivery Person / American Tourist / Frankie Sidecar (Age 16+)

Actor #3- George (Age 12+)

Actor #4- Man with the Yellow Hat (Age 20+)

Actor #5- Carpenter / Delivery Person / Chef Pisghetti / Painter / Dramatic Announcer (Age 20+)

Actor #6- Painter / Delivery Person / Cook / Phinneas (Age 16+)


Singin’ In the Rain

Hailed as one of the greatest movie musicals of all time, Singin In the Rain, tells the story of the golden age of Hollywood when silent films gave way to the “talkies”. The MGM Classic has been faithfully and lovingly adapted, with each unforgettable scene present and accounted for, including the show stopping number, complete with an onstage rainstorm!


Director: Rodger McDonald

Choreographer: Darryl Strohl- De Herrera

Music Direction: Jia-Min Rosendale

Stage Manager: Melissa Dahlberg


Performance Dates: April 24th, 2020 through May 17th, 2020




Sunday, January 26 at 7:00 P.M. and Monday, January 27 at 7:00 at 415 4th Street – Rehearsal Hall

Callbacks will be held Tuesday, January 28th location TBD


Please bring a resume if you have one and be prepared to list conflicts for the rehearsal period that will commence February 24 and continue through opening on April 24th. Please prepare 16 bars or a one-minute audition song in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music in your key, an accompanist with be provided. You may use a CD if the track is cut to the correct section of the song and there are no vocals. Be prepared to dance, bring comfortable clothes and shoes.


Be aware that there are large roles that do not sing and dance.


Character Breakdown


Don Lockwood: Charming, witty, Hollywood Actor and Dancer – especially Tap


Kathy Seldon: Young, upcoming actress. Strong willed, smart. Don’s love interest. – Tapper


Cosmo Brown: Don’s wacky best friend and film studio’s head musician – tapper (piano a +)


Lina Lamont: Glamorous silent screen film actress with a brash and obnoxious personality and a

                        High-pitched nasal voice. – Sings a solo in the show


RF Simpson: Louis B. Mayer type. Head of the film studio


Roscoe Dexter: High strung, frustrated director


Dora Bailey: Hedda Hopper type. Over-exaggerated bubbly columnist and radio personality


Miss Dinsmore: Lina’s diction coach


Zelda Zanders: Young starlet. Lina’s best pal


Sid Phillips: Flamboyant Director of musicals


Rod: PR man for the studio


Chorus:  a myriad of opportunities for roles and lines in the motion pictures which will be made and part of the show, second and third director, sound engineer, and featured tenor. The Chorus will never be idle in this show and all of them will sing and dance and pay multiple characters.



~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance Workshop~


Ages 11-16 

This energetic and action packed workshop brings Shakespeare’s words to life. Shakespeare’s plays were written to be seen and heard and more importantly to entertain. The workshop ends with a performance of an abridged version of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for an invited audience. It’s a fun and exciting way to explore Shakespeare and develop your acting skills. 

Directed by Cheryl Watson

Performance: Saturday, May 2nd at 2:00.

Dress Rehearsals: TBA



February 15, 9:00AM at Woodland Opera House Rehearsal Studio (415 4th St). Open to students ages 11-16.


Auditioners will be asked to prepare one of the attached monologues. Monologues do not need to be memorized.


View Monologue Sides


Class will meet Saturdays, 9:00AM-11:00AM from March 7-May 2 (No class April 11)

Workshop Fee: $98



(An invitation from the director highly influenced by Mr. Shakespeare!)

Show no fear my friend indeed.

 With time and care we will succeed. 

Our journey holds such  great delights,

with games, and songs and fairy sprites!  

So join with me along the path and  fear not the Bard he hath no wrath. 


Cheryl Watson is an awarding winning theatre educator and director with over 34 years experience. Ms Watson’s awards include 11 Ellys for direction and A Lifetime Achievement Award from the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance presented in 2017.  Cheryl was part of the first group of educators to attend The Globe Theatre Education Academy in London sponsored by the Mondavi Center and UC Davis. Although recently retired from the classroom she looks forward to  freelancing as a director and acting coach.


Cast Lists

George:  John Ewing

Lennie:  Jason Hammond

Candy:  Paul Fearn

The Boss:  Steve Mackay

Curley:  Patrick Jordan

Curley’s Wife:  Jadi Gallaway


Carlson:  Scott Reese

Slim:  Chad Fisk

Whit:  John Haine

Kate Sweeney . . . . .   Wonderland Alice

Amelia Robinson-Burmester . . . . . School Alice

Mercy  Klier . . . . Small Alice

Hannah Hemsley . . . .  Matilda

Sophie Symes . . . . . Cheshire Cat #1

Micheal Mendez . . . . Cheshire Cat #2

Zoe Rosendale  . . . . Cheshire Cat #3

Severin Moreno . . . .  White Rabbit

Kylie Koop . . . . . Queen of Hearts

Owen Brian . . . .  King of Hearts

Journey Ostlind . . . .  Caterpillar

Allison Hulbert . . . .  Tweedle Dee

Paige Hulbert . . . . Tweedle Dum

Collin Robinson-Burmester . . . . . Mad Hatter

Lanea Christianson . . . .  March Hare

Brady Stephens . . . .  DoDo Bird

Chantelle Holt . . . . Doorknob

Gaby Garcia . . . .  Rose

Chloe Nelson . . . .  Daisy

Anna Coleman . . . .  Petunia

Sabrina Meyer . . . . . Lily

Hannah Hemsley . . . . Violet



AJ Felix

Alexa Hernandez

Allison  Hulbert

Amelia Robinson-Burmester

Anna Coleman

Audrey Juarez

Brady Stephens

Brooklyn Romero

Chantelle Holt

Chloe Nelson

Collin Robinson-Burmester

Eva Rea

Gaby Garcia

Gianna Santoni

Hailey Carrell

Hannah Hemsley

Journey Ostlind

Kalysta Fuller

Lanea Christianson

Lauren Battaglia

Lynsey Goldberg

Olivia Lopez

Owen Brian

Paige Hulbert

Sabrina Meyer

Theodore Thayer

Vicki Carlson

Deloris Van Cartier………….Deborah Hammond

Mother Superior…………….…Lenore Sebastian

Sister Mary Robert……………..Jadi Galloway

Sister Mary Patrick………..Judith Boreham

Sister Mary Lazarus………….Nancy Agee

Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours…….Betsy Taloff

Sister Mary Theresa…………Mary Dahlberg

Monsignor O’Hara…………….David Cross

Curtis….………….David Ewey

Eddie….…………..Erik Catalan

TJ…………..Michael David Smith

Joey………….Spencer Alexander

Pablo………Miles Meckling

Michelle..…………Patricia Glass

Tina……………Marie Campbell

Nun Choir……..Marie Campbell, Emily Delk, Stacie Hitchcock,

 Alexus Powell, Jia-Min Rosendale, Lela Rosendale, Barbara Silver,

         Cullen Smith, Betsy Taloff, Cyndi Wall, Amy Woodman

Ernie…….……..Patrick Jordan

Cop……….Pat Aukes

Hookers…….Amy Woodman, Alexus Powell

Cabbie……….Pat Aukes

Reporter….…Patricia Glass

Bar Patrons……….Pat Aukes, Mary Dahlberg, Patricia Glass,           

            Patrick Jordan, Alexus Powell, Barbara Silver, Cullen Smith,

                    Cyndi Wall, Amy Woodman

Street Folk….….Pat Aukes, Marie Campbell, Emily Delk,

         Patricia Glass, Patrick Jordan, Alexus Powell,

              Lela Rosendale, Amy Woodman

Alter Boys..…….Pat Aukes, Patrick Jordan




Ushers and Docents

The Woodland Opera House Guild is seeking ushers and tour docents.

Become a guild member and support the Woodland Opera House. Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre. And of course, there is the good feeling of supporting our fabulous historic Woodland Opera House.


As a State Historic Park the opera house offers tours. The Woodland Opera House is one of the smallest state parks in the California Park system and a designated historic landmark. Share our remarkable history by becoming a tour docent.


Join the Woodland Opera House Guild Thinking about becoming a guild member? These frequently asked questions may help you decide:


What is the Woodland Opera House Guild? The Guild is an organization of men and women who want to insure the success of the historic Woodland Opera House by volunteering their services. Anyone over the age of 16 may join. Children 12-15 years old may join if sponsored by and accompanied to events by an adult member.


Are there lots of meetings? There is an orientation meeting when you first join, then one meeting a year. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Their meetings are open to any member.


How much does it cost? The dues for an active member are $25.00 per year. If you wish to join, but do not feel you can work much, or not at all, you may join as an Associate member. Associate dues are $40.00 per year. We have recently added a family membership for $90 a year. This is ideal for families of 4 or more that reside at the same address.


What can I do as a volunteer? You can: usher at all Main Stage and Family productions and concerts, give out programs, provide help and assistance to our patrons, help backstage, sew costumes, paint sets, help with refreshments, serve on the Board, decorate for the holidays, learn to give tours, help with fundraisers, and many other tasks. There is always need for additional help and something for everyone. Let us know how you would like to contribute.


How often do I have to work? Active members are requested to help out at least 6 times a year. Most members enjoy serving much more than that. Associate members are not required to work, but their services are always welcome. They may sign up to volunteer for any event, performance or concert as they wish.


What’s in it for me? The satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep the Historic Woodland Opera House Theatre vital is your greatest reward. More tangible rewards are seeing the performances and concerts free when you work at them, invitations to social events, and meeting wonderful dedicated people like yourself. Each member keeps a record of their hours served in a binder. Members having 50 or more hours a year are honored at the annual Chesley Awards (W.O.H.’s Academy Award). Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre and spend some quality time together supporting our fabulous Historic Woodland Opera House.

Wish List

The Woodland Opera House depends on the generosity of those who help!

Here is our running wish list:

      • Wardrobe Boxes
      • Portable Air Compressor
      • 88 weighted key board
      • Wardrobe Racks
      • Shelving
      • Dance Accessories (mats, ribbons, hoops, etc.)
      • Heavy duty belt sander
      • Large Rugs and Runners
      • Battery Operated screw guns

We also participate in the Amazon Smile program, where many of our wish list items can be purchased and shipped directly to us.

It’s convenient and always appreciated!