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Stepping Out

Director: Bob Cooner

Choreographer: Darryl Strohl-DeHerrera

Stage Manager: Chris Taloff


Audition Dates:  Sunday, July 21 & Monday, July 22 at 7 pm. Sunday, July 21 will be readings only. You may be called back for a tap audition and for additional readings on Monday, July 22. 


Location: The Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex (TADA), 520 Court St.  Woodland, CA 95695


Important Dates:  Rehearsals will begin mid-late August (Mon-Thurs). Tech week will be October 13-17 (Sun-Thurs). The show runs October 18-November 10, Fri-Sat (7:30 PM), Sun (2 PM).


What the Play is About: Stepping Out is a comedy about eight adult individuals from disparate backgrounds and with differing motivations who attend the same weekly tap dancing class in a dingy church hall in north London. Despite the students at first treating the classes as social occasions and showing little coordination, they later develop a level of skill and cohesiveness. The dance routines are the background for the real focus of the play which is the myriad relationships and interactions of the different types of people.


What to Prepare:  For those with little or no tap/movement experience, we are simply looking for a willingness to learn. The audition will involve a movement audition; this is to gauge how tap dancing is approached/enjoyed rather than how well it is performed. The character of Mavis, however, must be an experienced, proficient tapper.


The play takes place in London, but none of the characters in the play is a posh, upper-crust Brit. Their accents are more middle- and working-class. Prepare to read with an approximation of that type of British accent. YouTube videos might be a useful preparation tool.


This play is very story- and character-driven; therefore, we are looking for actors who can make distinct, believable, three-dimensional character choices, but who also can adapt to direction.  


What to Bring: Headshot with resume (if possible) and a list of your conflicts for the dates of the rehearsal process.  No conflicts allowed for the week before tech through the run of the show (please be aware that conflicts may affect casting). Wear clothes/shoes to move in.


Click here for Audition sides 


Character Breakdown:

10 characters: 9 Females, 1 Male. 1 Female playing age 18-25; all other roles playing 30 years +.


Mavis: the teacher; ex-pro dancer; attractive; considerate, organized and always obviously in charge of the group. Required: experienced, proficient tap-dancer; 30-50.


Lynne: eager to please; understatedly pretty; never wears make-up; a student nurse; about 18-25.

Dorothy: small; anxious; birdlike; habit of repeating other people’s last words: 30+.

Maxine: confident; attractive; business woman; flashy; 35+.

Andy (female): thin; timid; bullied by her husband; 30+

Geoffrey: shy; quiet; honest; a bit bumbling; widower; has a crush on Andy; ability to play the piano a plus; 35+.

Sylvia: bubbly; flirty; over-ample curves; 30+.

Rose: black (Trinidadian); big personality; religious; 35+.

Vera: neat; proper; snobbish, but well-meaning; expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right);

immaculate hair & make-up; aspiring middle-class, 35+.

Mrs. Fraser: the class pianist; intolerant; sarcastic; grumpy; believes she is doing everyone a favor just by being there; ability to play the piano a plus; 50+.


Cast Lists

Caractacus Potts  –  Patrick Jordan

Truly Scrumptious  –  Kirsten Meyers

Jemima  –  Amelia Robinson-Burmester

Jeremy  –  Zoe Rosendale

Grandpa Potts  –  Dave Lack

Baron Bomburst  –  Steve Mackey

Baroness Bomburst  –  Heather Jones

The Childcatcher/Junkman  –  Christopher Olvera

The Toymaker/Mr. Coggins  – Gil Sebastian

Boris  –  Cullen Smith

Goran  –  Trevor Braskamp

Lord Scrumptious/Sid/Soldier 1/ Inventor/ Townsperson/Vulgarian  –  Scott Reese

Turkey Farmer/Soldier 2/Inventor/Townsperson/Vulgarian  –  Chris Taloff

Candy Worker/Morris Dancer/Townsperson/Inventor/Vulgarian  –  Lora Kennedy

Miss Phillips/Violet/Townsperson/Vulgarian  –  Erin Richerson

Candy Worker/Morris Dancer/Townsperson/Vulgarian  –  Kaori Catalan, Lanea Christianson, Lori Olvera

Henrick/Children’s Ensemble –  AJ Felix

Susan/Ensemble  –  Kate Loscutoff

Toby/Ensemble  –  Eli Richerson

Stefania/Esemble  –  Lilac Busker

Greta/Ensemble  –  Kalysta Fuller

Marta/Ensemble  –  Lynsey Goldberg


Allison Hulbert:   Boris
Amelia Robinson-Burmester:  Miss Phillips
Audrey Juarez:   Jeremy Potts
Brady Stephens:   Goran
Chloe Nelson:  Jemima Potts
Collin Robinson-Burmester:  Caractacus Potts
Hailey Carrell:  Mr. Coggins
Jack Collins:   Baron
Journey Ostlind: Toymaker
Kai Chaidez:  Grandpa
Kylie Koop: Baroness
Lanea Christianson: Junkman
Owen Brian:  Lord Scrumptious
Skye Falyn:  Truly Scrumptious
Sophie Symes: Child Catcher


Sweet Factory Workers:       

Ainah Suva     
AJ Felix (Chef 1)         
Anna Coleman (Chef 2)         
Brooklyn Romero       
Gianna Santoni          
Jane Collins    
Keira Petrik    
Lynsey Goldberg        
Malaya Day    



Anna Carrell (Soldier 2)         
Arllete Alinea (Soldier 1)       
Cate Wells     
Catherine Hanson      
Hailey Carrell 
Journey Ostlind          
Lanea Christianson    
Sophie Symes


Morris Dancers:         

AJ Felix           
Amelia Robinson-Burmester 
Anna Carrell   
Arllete Alinea 
Journey Ostlind          
Lanea Christianson    
Owen Brian    
Sophie Symes



Gemma Day   
Lauren Battaglia        
Olivia Lopez    
Zea Day          



AJ Felix           
Amelia Robinson-Burmester 
Anna Carrell   
Anna Coleman
Arllete Alinea 
Cate Wells     
Catherine Hanson      
Hailey Carrell 
Lanea Christianson    
Lynsey Goldberg
Owen Brian    
Sophie Symes


Hidden Children:        

Ainah Suva (Toby)      
Brooklyn Romero (Greta)      
Gemma Day   
Gianna Santoni (Marta)        
Jane Collins    
Keira Petrik    
Lauren Battaglia        
Malaya Day    
Olivia Lopez    
Zea Day

Jack Kelly – Casey Camacho

Crutchie – Collin Robinson-Burmester

Davey – Elio Gutierrez

Les – DJ Michel

Race – Reagan Geach

Albert – Bailey Robinson-Burmester

Finch –Declan Smith

Romeo – Miles Meckling

Henry- Marcus Granlund

Specs/Tommy Boy- Mitchell Takeda

Elmer – Kareem Jenkins

Buttons/Splasher – Giovanni Garcia

Mush/Ike – Sammy Caiola

JoJo/Mike – Grace Matayoshi

Scabs – Ellieza Barth , Alex Romero, Tyler Blair

Spot Conlon – Frances Thayer

Katherine Plummer – Grace Leekley

Darcy –Dallin Blair

Bill – Jake Blair

Wiesel –Kyle Hadley

Morris Delancey – Kevin Nolan

Oscar Delancey – Pat Aukes

Goons – Logan Couch , Jonathan Ortiz, Jake Blair, Dallin Blair

Joseph Pulitzer – Rodger McDonald

Seitz – Matt Frank

Bunsen – Daryl Strohl-DeHerrera

Hannah – Erin Doolittle

Nunzio – Spencer Alexander

Guard – Spencer Alexander

Snyder – TBD

Medda Larkin – Ernestine Balisi

Bowery Beauties – Ellieza Barth, Frances Thayer , Alex Romero

Stage Manager – Mary Dahlberg

Nuns – Ellieza Barth, Frances Thayer, Alex Romero

Woman – Mary Dahlberg

Mr. Jacobi – TBD

Policeman – Spencer Alexander

Mayor – TBD

Governor Teddy Roosevelt – Steve Cairns

Brooklyn  Newsies – Jonathan Ortiz, Jihan  Moon , Gavin Mark, Logan Couch,

Dallin Blair, Jake Blair, Tyler Blair, Ellieza Barth, Alex Romero


Ushers and Docents

The Woodland Opera House Guild is seeking ushers and tour docents.

Become a guild member and support the Woodland Opera House. Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre. And of course, there is the good feeling of supporting our fabulous historic Woodland Opera House.


As a State Historic Park the opera house offers tours. The Woodland Opera House is one of the smallest state parks in the California Park system and a designated historic landmark. Share our remarkable history by becoming a tour docent.


Join the Woodland Opera House Guild Thinking about becoming a guild member? These frequently asked questions may help you decide:


What is the Woodland Opera House Guild? The Guild is an organization of men and women who want to insure the success of the historic Woodland Opera House by volunteering their services. Anyone over the age of 16 may join. Children 12-15 years old may join if sponsored by and accompanied to events by an adult member.


Are there lots of meetings? There is an orientation meeting when you first join, then one meeting a year. The Board of Directors meets once a month. Their meetings are open to any member.


How much does it cost? The dues for an active member are $25.00 per year. If you wish to join, but do not feel you can work much, or not at all, you may join as an Associate member. Associate dues are $40.00 per year. We have recently added a family membership for $90 a year. This is ideal for families of 4 or more that reside at the same address.


What can I do as a volunteer? You can: usher at all Main Stage and Family productions and concerts, give out programs, provide help and assistance to our patrons, help backstage, sew costumes, paint sets, help with refreshments, serve on the Board, decorate for the holidays, learn to give tours, help with fundraisers, and many other tasks. There is always need for additional help and something for everyone. Let us know how you would like to contribute.


How often do I have to work? Active members are requested to help out at least 6 times a year. Most members enjoy serving much more than that. Associate members are not required to work, but their services are always welcome. They may sign up to volunteer for any event, performance or concert as they wish.


What’s in it for me? The satisfaction of knowing you are helping keep the Historic Woodland Opera House Theatre vital is your greatest reward. More tangible rewards are seeing the performances and concerts free when you work at them, invitations to social events, and meeting wonderful dedicated people like yourself. Each member keeps a record of their hours served in a binder. Members having 50 or more hours a year are honored at the annual Chesley Awards (W.O.H.’s Academy Award). Membership is a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to enjoy a night out at the theatre and spend some quality time together supporting our fabulous Historic Woodland Opera House.

Wish List

The Woodland Opera House depends on the generosity of those who help!

Here is our running wish list:

      • Wardrobe Boxes
      • Portable Air Compressor
      • 88 weighted key board
      • Wardrobe Racks
      • Shelving
      • Dance Accessories (mats, ribbons, hoops, etc.)
      • Heavy duty belt sander
      • Large Rugs and Runners
      • Battery Operated screw guns

We also participate in the Amazon Smile program, where many of our wish list items can be purchased and shipped directly to us.

It’s convenient and always appreciated!