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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Book by Peter Parnell, Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Based on the Victor Hugo novel and the Disney animated film

Director: Bob Cooner

Musical Director: Dean Mora


Auditions will be held by appointment on Sunday, November 7, 6:00 PM (Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex aka TADA, 520 Court St, Woodland, CA 95695) and Monday, November 8, 6:00 PM (Woodland Opera House Theatre and Dance Annex, 520 Court Street, Woodland, CA 95695).  Callbacks TBD.



  • Prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song (traditional or contemporary) that best shows off your voice. Have another song ready in the event you are asked to perform something else. The music in the show is plentiful and difficult. All cast members will be required to learn and perform vocal harmony parts.
  • You may also be asked to read a short scene from the script.
  • Most auditioners will also be asked to learn and perform a short piece of choreography.
  • Adult performers (age 16+) of all ages, sizes, ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities are strongly encouraged to audition.


Rehearsals will practice COVID safety for all involved.  Please refer to our COVID policies at the top of the page for more information. And please email for questions or more information.


Rehearsals will be Mon-Thurs, 7:00-10:00 PM, Jan 10-Mar 3, 7:00-10:00 PM; Tech: Sun, Mar 6, 1:00-7:00 PM (possibly later); Tech/ Dress: Mon-Thurs, Mar 7-10, 6:00-10:30 PM. Performances are Mar 11-Apr 3, 2022, Fri-Sat @ 7:30 PM, Sun @ 2:00 PM.



The musical begins as the bells of Notre Dame sound through the famed cathedral in fifteenth-century Paris. Quasimodo, the deformed bell-ringer who longs to be “Out There,” observes all of Paris reveling in the Feast of Fools. Held captive by his devious caretaker, the archdeacon Dom Claude Frollo, he escapes for the day and joins the boisterous crowd, only to be treated cruelly by all but the beautiful Romani woman, Esmeralda. Quasimodo isn’t the only one captivated by her free spirit, though – the handsome Captain Phoebus and Frollo are equally enthralled. As the three vie for her attention, Frollo embarks on a mission to destroy the Romani people – and it’s up to Quasimodo to save them all.


Character Breakdown

A Congregation/Choir of gender-flexible storytellers narrates The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In story theater style, each performer in the show begins as a Congregant before taking on the characteristics of their assigned character(s), including principal characters, Gargoyles, Statues, Revelers, Soldiers, Romani (Gypsies), etc.



Claude Frollo: Male, 30-50. Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral and the most powerful cleric in Paris, he is the reluctant caretaker of Quasimodo. He will do whatever it takes to rid the city of the Romani “vermin,” even as he lusts after Esmeralda. Calculating, manipulative, and obsessive. Vocal range: Baritone


Quasimodo: Male, 18-30. The deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Claude Frollo’s charge. Lonely and staunchly obedient to Frollo, he possesses a vivid imagination that brings to life the bells and gargoyles of the cathedral. Despite his shyness and uncertainty, he quickly befriends Esmeralda. Big-hearted and brave when necessary. Vocal range: Tenor


Esmeralda: Female, 18-30. A beautiful and free-spirited Romani woman who possesses the strong sense of justice and morality that Frollo lacks. Compassionate, she frees Quasimodo from the frenzied mob at the Feast of Fools and, against her better judgment, falls for the cocky Phoebus. Vocal range: Alto/Low Soprano


Captain Phoebus de Martin: Male, 18-30. Returning to Paris after serving in the war, Phoebus takes up his new position as Captain of the Cathedral Guard. Overconfident yet charming, this handsome, strong soldier makes the ladies swoon, yet his moral compass is also strong, and he openly defies the corrupted Frollo. Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor


Clopin Trouillefou: Male or Female, 20-40. The clever and charismatic King/Queen of the Romani (Gypsies). An air of mystery surrounds Clopin, who often leaves the scene in a puff of smoke. As the emcee for the Feast of Fools, s/he is witty and playful, but s/he boasts a darker, serious nature when not performing for the crowd. Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor/Soprano



A Congregation/Choir of singers/storytellers: Gender flexible, age 16+. Vocal range: Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Soprano. The following roles will be cast from the Congregation/Choir ensemble:


Gargoyles/Statues: Gender flexible, age 16+. Eight stone figures of Notre Dame cathedral who come to life and function as Quasimodo’s friends and supporters. Vocal range: Baritone, Tenor, Alto, Soprano


Saint Aphrodisius: Male or Female, 20-50. A statue that comes to life. Vocal range: Baritone/Alto/Soprano


Jehan Frollo: Male, 20-30. Claude’s reckless younger brother. With the Romani woman Florika, he fathers Quasimodo, who he leaves in his brother’s care. Wild, passionate, and strong-willed. Vocal range: Baritone


Florika: Female, 20-30. A Romani and Quasimodo’s mother. Vocal range: Soprano


King Louis XI: Male, 40-50. King of France, nicknamed the Prudent.


Official: Male, 20-50. A judicial officer. Vocal range: Low Baritone


Madam: Female, 30-50. Owner of a brothel and safe haven for Romani.

Cast Lists

Kate Loscutoff: Curious George

Spencer Alexander: Man in the Yellow Hat

Jeff Nauer: Chef Pisghetti

Matthew Franck: Phinneas, Cook, Italian Painter, Delivery Person

Frances Thayer: Netti, Frankie Sidecar, Italian Painter, Delivery Person

Heather Jones: Chef O’Malley, Carpenter, Cook, Italian Painter, Delivery Person

Marcia Gollober: American Tourist, Doorman, Cook, Crowd

Nutcracker “Sweet” Cast


Clara:                                                  Sammy Rosendale

Nutcracker:                                     Amelia Robinson-Burmester

Sugar Plum Fairy:                         Julia Rea

Gumdrop Fairy:                            Naomi Catalan

Rat King:                                          Journey Ostlind

Fritz:                                                   Malaya Day

Marie:                                                 Zea Day



Clara:                                                Catherine Hanson

Nutcracker:                                    Audrey Newsom

Sugar Plum Fairy:                        Lela Rosendale

Gumdrop Fairy:                            Emily Rea

Rat King:                                          Maya Chessher

Fritz/Marie:                                    Adelaide Grandia

Buddy:  Patrick Jordan

Santa:  Gil Sebastian

Walter Hobbs:  Dave Lack

Emily Hobbs:  Marie Nearing

Michael Hobbs:  Lauren Battaglia

Jovie:  Emily Owens Evans

Deb:  Karen Fox

Manager/Mr. Greenway:  Aaron Baikie-Rick

Charlotte Dennon/Ensemble:  Lacey Hilliard

Emma Van Brocklin/Ensemble:  Alissa Renee Brown

Mrs. Claus/Chadwick/Dance Captain:  Krissy Schwerin

Matthews/Fake Santa:  Shane Burrows

Charlie the Elf/Ensemble:  Chris Olvera

Tiara the Elf/Ensemble:  Lora Kennedy

Jim/Ensemble:  Scott Griffith

Sam/Ensemble:  Lorin Torbitt

Ensemble:  Brady Stephens

Ensemble:  Kylie Koop

Ensemble:  Jo Black

Ensemble:  Lori Olvera

Kids’ Ensemble:  Gianna Santoni

Kids’ Ensemble:  Anna Coleman

Kids’ Ensemble:  Ruby Schwerin

David Lambert (Walk-On Role):  Keith Rode

Nancy Agee

Ernestine Balisi

Danny Beldi

Erik Catalan

Jadi Galloway

Jori Gonzales

Eric Piotrowski

Jenny Plasse

Carlie Robinson

Lenore Sebastian

Barrett Shepherd

Emily Jo Shepherd

Darryl Strohl-De Herrera

Jean Thompson

Eddie Voyce

Anna:  Skye Falyn
Elsa:  Julia Lindsay
Young Anna:  Audrey Mercedez Juarez
Young Elsa:  Octavia Villalva
Middle Anna:  Malaya Day
Middle Elsa:  Abigail Rode
Queen Iduna:  Ava Cunningham
King Agnarr/Kristoff:  Collin Robinson-Burmester
Sven: Anna Coleman
Hans:  Brady Stephens
Olaf:  Kate Loscutoff
Bulda:  Amelia Robinson-Burmester
Pabbie: Sammy Rosendale
Oaken:  Allison Hulbert
Duke of Weselton: Miller Traum
Bishop: Paige Hulbert


Stefany Rodriguez
Winter Davis
Kalysta Fuller
Gianna Santoni
Journey Ostlind
Alexa Hernandez



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