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The building is owned by the State of California but management is by a professional staff hired by the Woodland Opera House Board of Trustees. The Board is made up of arts lovers, theatre buffs, historians and business persons. Although the building is owned by the State of California, it receives no financial support from the state, the county or the city. WOH is completely self sufficient. The WOH brings in 50% of the total income, other programming and rental brings in about 15%, fundraising totals another 15% and the remainder of the budget is balanced with donations, corporate underwriting, foundation grants, etc.


WOH is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (1971), inventory of Historic Sites in Yolo County (1972), was on the Historic American Building Survey (1966) and listed in the Woodland Historical Zone (1971). Named California Registered Historical Landmark #851 in 1973, the Opera House was made a state historical park in 1976, even though no park rangers are on the premises.


The Woodland Opera House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a California Historical Landmark, is one of four fully functioning 19th century opera houses in California.[3] It is a contributing property to the Downtown Historic District of Woodland, California.


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