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What people are saying about our program:


“This program is clearly creating a safe and nurturing environment in which the young people

can rely on each other and bring their full selves to the rehearsal room.”


– Nina Meehan, Founder of Bay Area Children’s Theatre and Innovation and Creativity Speaker/Consultant


” It’s clear that their theatre program helps create confident young artists who work

incredibly well as an ensemble and take pride in their work.”


– Rob Rokicki, Broadway Composer of The Lightning Thief, The Percy Jackson Musical


“Woodland Opera House’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR. was completely innovative. The cast

created sets, costumes, and even a flying car with without any physical

items. Their production shows that the theater program back home

encourages young performers to be brave and focused.”


– Steven G. Kennedy, Vice President, iTheatrics

Rising Stars - Educational Theatre Productions

The Woodland Opera House Announces Auditions for

The Rising Stars/JTF Troupe Production of




 Book by:                                                 Music & Lyrics by

Dennis Kelly                                               Tim Minchin

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical JR. is presented through special arrangement with 

and all authorized materials are supplied by Music Theatre International, New York, NY

(212) 541-4684


Saturday, June 17th at 10 AM


Directed & Choreographed by: 

Andrea St. Clair, Education Director

Music Directed by: 

Lori Jarvey


Performs: September 7th through 10th*, 2023


at the Junior Theatre Festival, February 9-11, 2024.

Performances: Thursdays and Fridays at 7 pm, Saturday 2 and 7 pm, Sunday at 2 pm.

Also includes one school outreach performance scheduled for Thursday, September 7th at 9:30 am.


This Rising Stars/JTF Audition is open to anyone between the ages of 

11 years old through Rising High School Senior*. 

*Must be 11 years of age by the date of the audition 

and no older than 18 years old through February 2024.



We had a mandatory parent meeting on June 1st. This meeting went over what to expect at auditions, what to expect from the initial rehearsal & performance process, and all of the necessary information regarding the additional commitment of the Junior Theatre Festival. Parents must have either attended this meeting or arranged for a presentation packet to be sent to them prior to their child auditioning for the show. If you missed this meeting, please email us here to request a presentation packet so that your child can audition for the show. 


Please note that this audition has two required commitments: 


The initial rehearsal and performance period (July 17th through September 10th) and the Junior Theatre Festival rehearsal and festival commitment (December 2nd through February 11th.) The rehearsal and performance calendar for both is available here. Doing one and not the other is not an option.  Please do not audition if your child is not available for both. *Please note that we just added a School Outreach Matinee on September 7th at 9:30 am 8:00 am call time) that is not reflected on this schedule. 



A video breaking down the audition dance combination is available here. We highly recommend that all those interested in auditioning learn this material prior to the audition day.  We want everyone to arrive and feel their best the day of auditions. 



Saturday, June 17th at 10 am at the Theatre and Dance Annex located at 520 Court Street in Woodland.  Please note that this is not at the Opera House! We are a block up the street located across from the Woodland Public Library.


What to bring: 

  • A list of conflicts for all rehearsals for both commitments.  While minimal conflicts are allowed, they will affect casting. We have a limited rehearsal period so please keep conflicts minimal out of respect for all involved. Please look at the rehearsal calendar here for exact dates and times. 
    • Matilda JR will start initial rehearsals Monday, July 17th. 
    • Matilda JR will start JTF Rehearsals Saturday, December 2nd. 
    • No conflicts will be allowed after August 25th for performances and no conflicts are allowed after January 1st for JTF.  There are absolutely no conflicts permitted for Tech, Performances, or JTF. 
  • 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song appropriate for this show (approximately a one-minute cut).  We will be looking for young performers that can commit to making strong characters and taking bold choices for their acting. Please ensure that you have sheet music that is clearly marked with any cuts.
  • A fully memorized selection from the script. Please select one of the options here.
  • Come dressed to dance with proper dance shoes! Dance styles in the show range from jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary with a defined control freneticism. Please note that street shoes are not allowed in the studio. 
  • A resume with a list of experience and a headshot.  If you do not have either, that’s okay! Please arrive ready to list out any relevant classes, workshops, and performances for your audition form. 



Monday, June 19th at 7pm held at the same place as auditions: the Theatre and Dance Annex, 520 Court Street, Woodland.  Expect this evening to last a couple of hours.


Those called back will be asked to read and sing selections from the script.  We will only be calling back for certain roles. Those receiving a callback will receive an email by Saturday evening with all materials needed for this round of auditions. If you do not receive a callback, don’t worry! It just means we saw everything we needed to see from you at the initial audition. 



Casting should be completed by Friday, June 23rd. Those cast will receive an email regarding their casting offer. 


By auditioning for the Rising Stars Series, you are agreeing that you will accept any role.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and perform on our historic Woodland Opera House stage as well as work with industry professionals at the Junior Theatre Festival. 



Please read over this section carefully.  This commitment includes 2 required payments


  •  Rising Stars Tuition: $275* – Due in full by July 14th, 2023. 

*Payment plans are available and can be arranged through our front desk, however all funds must be paid in full by August 15th, 2023. 


What this tuition includes: Quality instruction by award-winning professional staff, all costumes, souvenir T-Shirt, actor materials, and script. 

Tuition does not include: Show tickets, any specific dance shoes, undergarments, or extra souvenir t-shirts and optional sweatshirts. 


  • Junior Theatre Festival Registration: $310* – Due in full by September 30th, 2023.


What this tuition includes: Festival registration for all 3 days, festival T-Shirt, festival workshops, concerts, our adjudication, and any other festival related costs. 

Tuition does not include:  WOH Jacket** (approximately $40), other JTF expenses while at the festival. 


*This tuition can be offset by participating in 2-3 fundraisers this summer: a Program Sponsor sale, one to be confirmed, and a JTF Raffle to be held at intermission of each performance of Matilda JR.  Anything not individually raised will have a balance due. 

**For returning actors, if cast and already in possession of a jacket, they do not need to buy another.




All roles open to any gender, though must play the role’s gender as defined by the script. Casting is limited. Not everyone who auditions will be cast.


Matilda Wormwood

The hero of the show. She’s brilliant, resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in difficult circumstances. Her parents treat her poorly, but Matilda escapes into a world of books, which puts her reading level far above the other children in her class, and she develops a bit of magical power in an effort to defeat Trunchbull. Looking for someone who is a fantastic singer and great actress who can embody both Matilda’s cleverness and her kindness.

Vocal range top: D5  Vocal range bottom: Bb3



A student at school with Matilda. He has the very first solo line of the entire show, so he must be a good singer. He also has some featured moments as one of Matilda’s schoolmates, so it’s helpful if Eric is also an expressive actor. Dance skills are a plus.

Vocal range top: Eb4  Vocal range bottom: C3



A student at school with Matilda. She has a few solos and lines, but her most featured moment is when Trunchbull throws her through the air using her pigtails. Looking for a strong singer and dancer for this role.

Vocal range top: Eb5  Vocal range bottom: C4



One of Matilda’s schoolmates. He has the bad luck to get caught after eating Trunchbull’s cake. Bruce goes through quite a transformation throughout the show and has some important solos, so he needs to be an excellent singer and actor. Keep in mind that just because Bruce eats the cake, it doesn’t mean he has to be physically larger than the other children – we just need an actor who can portray Bruce’s journey throughout the show. Dance skills are a plus. 

Vocal range top: F#4  Vocal range bottom: C3


Hortensia and Alice

Alice and Hortensia are classmates of Matilda who each sing solos, and Hortensia has a few lines. Must be strong dancers.

Vocal range top: D5   Vocal range bottom: C4



Tommy is a classmate of Matilda who sings a few solos. Must be a strong dancer.

Vocal range top: Eb4   Vocal range bottom: C3



One of the kids at school with Matilda. She is kind and bright (though not as brilliant as Matilda) and quickly decides that Matilda is her best friend. Looking for an actor who can portray Lavender’s likability and friendliness. Must be a strong dancer. 

Vocal range top: D   Vocal range bottom: C4



One of the kids at school with Matilda. He is enthusiastic, sweet, and always in a bit of a panic. Nigel has a few solos and some great featured moments in the show, so looking for a strong actor and singer in this great supporting role. Dance skills are helpful.

Vocal range top: D4  Vocal range bottom: C3


Mr. Wormwood

Matilda’s father. He is egotistical, rude, and not very bright, not to mention a liar. Though Mr. Wormwood is not a good person and he is mean to Matilda, his harebrained schemes can be hilariously funny, so we are looking for a fantastic character actor in this role who can really land the comedy and isn’t afraid to play an unlikeable character. It’s helpful if Mr. Wormwood reads as older onstage and makes a dynamic pair with Mrs. Wormwood.


Mrs. Wormwood

Matilda’s mother. Like her husband, she dislikes Matilda and does not understand why her daughter loves to read. Mrs. Wormwood is selfish, obsessed with her own appearance, and believes everything she sees on TV. Her dancing lessons with Rudolpho are the most important part of her day. Looking for a great actress who can portray Mrs. Wormwood’s nastiness but also play up her ridiculousness and lean into the comedy.



Matilda’s brother. He is not very bright, though he is the apple of his father’s eye. This is a hilarious supporting role for a younger actor with comedic timing, as Michael’s contributions to the scene usually function as deadpan one-liners.


Mrs. Phelps

The kindly librarian who loves hearing Matilda’s stories. This is a great featured role for a stronger actress who reads as older than Matilda onstage. Will double with ensemble.



A character of Matilda’s creation. Everything this character does is grand and exaggerated – he’s performing for the cheap seats! Cast a solid actor and mover in this fun featured role. Will double with ensemble.

Vocal range top: F3  Vocal range bottom: E3



A product of Matilda’s imagination. Looking for those who can do tricks and give their all! Will double with ensemble. 

Vocal range top: A4   Vocal range bottom: D4


Miss Honey

A teacher at Matilda’s school. She is kind, is generous, and really cares about the children despite her own desperate circumstances. She must be an excellent actress and singer who can portray Miss Honey’s sweetness and her strength. It’s helpful if the actress reads as older than the kids from onstage.

Vocal range top: D5   Vocal range bottom: Bb3


Agatha Trunchbull

The quintessential terrifying tyrant. As headmistress, she runs her school like a dictator, making up arbitrary rules to suit her every whim and dreaming up creative punishments. The Trunchbull can be played by a male or female (though the character is female). It’s helpful if Trunchbull is physically larger than the actors playing children. Cast a fantastic character actor and singer who can command the stage and embody Trunchbull’s larger-than-life villainy.

Vocal range top: F#5    Vocal range bottom: C4



Mrs. Wormwood’s self-obsessed dance teacher. This is a hilarious featured role for a comedic performer who moves well. Doubles with ensemble.



A customer swindled by Mr. Wormwood. Though he shows up looking for payback, Matilda has had quite enough of revenge, and Sergei lets the Wormwoods escape. This is a great featured role for an actor who can embody Sergei’s intimidating presence. Doubles as ensemble.



Ensemble roles include Russians, Little Kids, Big Kids (including Big Kid 1, Big Kid 2, and Big Kid 3), Kids, Mums, Dads, the Cook, and the Mechanic.

Stay Tuned for Audition Information for our Winter 2024 Rising Stars:




This show will be open for young performers ages 7 years old through 14 years old (must be in 8th grade.) 

Actors must meet the age requirements by the time of auditions.


Look for auditions to happen in mid-Fall 2023


Unfortunately, if you are cast in the Rising Stars/JTF Troupe, you will not be able to audition for Finding Nemo due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

We will rectify these conflicts for the 2024-25 season.

Musical Theatre, Acting & More!


Fall 2023 Musical Theater Workshops


To Be Announced Holiday Theme! 


Our Fall Musical Theatre Workshop is a holiday-themed musical journey that will culminate in a performance on December 2nd and 3rd.

All workshops learn the art of song and dance through introductions to music theory, character development, and choreography in each 55 minute long class. All class material will help weave together a magical tale that is perfect for the whole family! 


Our Fall Musical Theatre Workshop will begin registration July 3rd.

Mark your calendars! This workshop series sells out quickly!

Workshops run week of September 26th through December 3rd


Fall Musical Theatre Workshop Performance Information:

SHOWCASE REHEARSAL: Saturday, December 2nd from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

SHOWCASE PERFORMANCES: Saturday, December 2nd at 2 pm and Sunday, December 3rd at 7 pm

Performers Call Time will be 45 minutes prior to curtain. 


Tickets will be available for purchase.

More information regarding tickets will be sent to enrolled parents prior to being released to the general public.


Broadway Babies 

Ages 3 to 4 years old

Wednesdays 4:00 to 4:45 pm

Starts September 27th


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade 

Two Classes Available in the same time slot!

Tuesdays 5:15 to 6:00 pm

Starts September 26th


Grades 3rd through 5th

Two Class Options:

Wednesdays 5:00 to 5:55 pm*

Fridays 4:00 to 4:55 pm**

*Starts September 27th and **29th


Grades 6th through 12th

Tuesdays 6:00 to 6:55 pm

Starts September 26th


All Workshops $160 and includes Show T-Shirt

Fall Acting Workshops


Acting A to Z 

Ages 9 through 12 years old

Tuesdays 5 pm (Class workshop length – :55 minutes)



Teen Acting Workshop 

Ages 13 through 18 (Senior in HS)

Tuesdays 6 pm (Class workshop length – :55 minutes)


Our Acting Workshops will be back again this fall allowing new and veteran young actors the chance to study and learn the acting craft! Each class becomes more nuanced as the students get older, allowing age-appropriate material to be covered. Each workshop is 55 minutes and is taught by Woodland Opera House veteran actor and drama teacher, Karen Fox. These workshops are recommended to be repeated and are not to be missed if one wants to become a better, stronger performer.




Workshop Length: 8 weeks – September 26th through November 14th.  Tuition: $150


Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move well in, bring water, and a notebook.