Brian Lin DDS presents Show Biz Kidz

Brian Lin DDS presents

Youth Summer Theatre Camp

Show Biz Kidz-

“Music Music Music” 2021


The Woodland Opera House recently kicked off its Youth Summer Theatre Camp with the return of Show Biz  Kidz. The annual program is underwritten by Brian Lin, DDS, and this year nearly 60 students are attending.  There are three sessions for ages 5-7, 8-10, and 11-17 years old. Students will rehearse for three weeks at the  Opera House’s Theatre And Dance Annex (TADA) and will learn all of the music and choreography, then they  will move to the theatre for performances in front of a live audience!  


Currently students in Show Biz Kidz are learning 3-4 songs a week for the older groups, and a song a week for  the Juniors. This year’s theme, “Music, Music, Music” spans several decades worth of toe-tapping music for  the children to learn…and they are doing a wonderful job!  


The performances of “Music, Music, Music” will be the first official “show” (not including outside groups) in  the theatre since the closure of the Opera House due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the kids are excited to  show off everything they’ve learned through the summer. Our exceptional group of teachers: Andrea St.  Clair, Lela Rosendale, Bailey Robinson-Burmester, and Lori Jarvey manage vocal sessions, learning music, and  choreography.  



Show Dates

July 16, 17 & 18

Show Times

Friday at 7, Saturday and Sunday at 2

Ticket Prices

$10 and $5 children under 12