An Encore Performance of Romeo and Juliet

Kevin & Lorie Haarberg and Roger & Judy Kohlmeier present


An Encore Performance of


“Romeo and Juliet”

“Romeo and Juliet” is a timeless story that speaks both to the impulsiveness of youth and the ardent, furious nature of their passions. So much of what Shakespeare writes of the foibles and dreams of youth in his time applies today where commitment and passion try to survive in a world of tumult and upheaval.
We have chosen to present the original story in its correct time but imagined by a group of modern actors exploring the story and its Renaissance time frame.
From the beautiful written expressions to the fire of the swordplay, to the fateful end of this classic love story, all the great elements of this Shakespeare masterpiece are here. The style of this production is a mix of the classic play of the 1600’s and its modern re-discovery. A classic is timeless, and “Romeo and Juliet” qualifies in every sense of the word” states production director Rodger McDonald.
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