The Woodland Opera House Education Program

Education through dance, drama & musical theatre

Inspiring creativity in the hearts and minds of our youth through the learning and experiencing of live dramatic art.

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Education Program 2021-2022

The Dance Program runs September through May and emphasizes technique using an age-appropriate curriculum.  The discipline, artistry and technique acquired through the study of dance enhances confidence, focus and poise.

The WOH theatre classes engage the imagination as well as enhance personal communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and collaborations skills.  Each session is focused on a different and integrated course of study.

Note to our students & families

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our community by following the guidelines provided by Yolo County and the CDC. We understand that these guidelines are rapidly changing and we may need to modify our programs to remain in compliance.  As of July 30th, all staff and students are required to wear masks while in TADA to adhere to county and state health guidelines.

Classes are held September – May

Class space is limited, so register early!

Classes must meet a minimum enrollment requirement to stay on the schedule.

Schedule is subject to change.


Important dates, policies & dress code

Dance Class Tuition

Dance Class Tuition

Registration Fee Early Bird Special June-Sept:

                                  $25 per student for new students

                                 $15 per student for returning students

Registration Fee Oct-Dec:

                                     $35 per student for new students
$25 per student for returning students


*No refunds on Tuition Discount Packages


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Beginning & Intermediate

Introduction to basic ballet positions of feet, arms, and head.  Emphasis on body posture and rhythm. New Students are accepted in these groups.

Purple Group: Ages 3-4 / Tue. / 3:00-3:45

Lavender Group: Ages 3-4 / Fri. / 3:00-3:45

Violet Group: Ages 3-4 / Sat. / 9:00-9:45

Rose Group: Ages 5-6 / Mon. / 4:00-4:45

Lilac Group: Ages 5-6 / Wed./ 3:00-3:45

Coral Group: Ages 5-6 / Sat. / 10:00-10:45

Green Group: Ages 7+/ Mon./ 6:00-6:55
Turquoise Group: Ages 7+ / Tue. /6:00-6:55

Magenta Group: Ages 9+ / Tue. / 6:00-6:55
Maroon Group: Ages 10+ / Wed. & Fri. / 5:00-5:55


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For the continuing student.  Emphasis on technique, jumps, turns, and combinations. Registration by instructor approval only.

Pink Group: Fri. / 4:00-4:45

Fuchsia Group: Mon./ 5:00-5:45

Blue Group: Wed. / 4:00-4:55


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Classes will focus on improving strength, flexibility and control and on learning advanced combinations.  Registration by instructor approval only.

Yellow Group: Wed. & Fri./ 4:00-4:55

Orange Group: Wed. & Fri. / 5:00-5:55

Vermillion Group: Wed. & Fri./ 6:00-6:55
Advanced Technique: Wed./ 7:00-7:55

Red/Pointe Group: Tue. & Thur./ 4:00-5:30

Ballet Variations: Thur. / 7:00-7:55


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Beginning & Intermediate

For the beginning and returning students.  Emphasis on tap technique and beginning combinations.

Teeny Jazz/Tap: Ages 3 & 4 / Thur. / 4:00-4:45

Junior Tap: Ages 5-7 /  Tue. / 4:30-5:15

Tap  Basics: Ages 8+ / Thur. / 4:00-4:55


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For returning students.  Emphasis on tap technique and combinations.  Registration by instructor approval only.

Diamond Tap: Mon. / 6:00-6:55

Sapphire Tap: Thur. / 6:00-6:55


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Beginning & Intermediate

An introduction to technique and combinations.  This class will focus on strength, flexibility and beginning to intermediate combinations.

Teeny Jazz/Tap: Ages 3 & 4 / Thur. / 4:00-4:45

Junior Jazz: Ages 5-7 / Thur. / 5:00-5:45

Jazz Basics: Ages 8+/ Thur. / 5:00-5:55


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Emphasis on strength, technique, and choreography. Registration by instructor approval only.

Manhattan Jazz : Mon. /6:00-6:50

Brooklyn Jazz :  Mon. / 4:00-4:50

Chicago Jazz:   Mon. / 7:00-7:50



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This NEW class will get dancers introduced to the styles of contemporary and lyrical dance. Dancers will utilize a ballet foundation to teach them how to use their bodies to tell stories through technique, strength, and flexibility.  Dancers must be concurrently enrolled in ballet.

Beginning Contemporary / Lyrical: Ages 7 – 9 / Mon / 5:00-5:55 pm


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Designed for experienced dancers, these classes will focus on more complex jumps & turns, technique, and choreography.  Dancers must be currently enrolled in ballet and have instructor approval.

Intermediate / Advanced: TBD depending on interest



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Hip Hop

A high energy class focusing on rhythm, syncopation and stage presence.

Ages 5-7: Sat. / 9:00-9:45

Ages 8-12: Sat. / 10:00-10:55

Ages 13+: Sat. / 11:00-11:55

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Hip Hop Choreography

This hip hop class will emphasize strength and musicality, and students will study and develop their own styles of dance. Students will learn new choreography and short excerpts from viral dance videos. They will learn how to utilize their own strengths and style to make the steps their own. Students must have prior dance experience to participate in this class.

Ages 11+ / Fri / 6:00-6:55


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