Youth Acting

Actor’s Boot Camp–ABC!!!!


Come flex your theater muscles! Play improv games, participate in scene work, and give your imagination a serious workout while you build confidence and mad acting skills! ABC will test and build your awesome acting skills in the intensive, but super-duper delightful one week boot camp!


Ages 10-14
June 11-14

Instructor: Caryn Stapp
Tuition: $80 if registering by May 31st. $85 if registering after May 31st.

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Once Upon a Lily Pad

Mini Musical Workshop

What’s this? A green frog feeling blue? Frederich J. Frog has lost all of his self-confidence and is feeling miserable. As he wanders around the pond, he finds that the other pond creatures have something that he wishes he had. The egrets, the turtles, the fireflies all have their own special talents. But what can Freddie do? This 30-minute musical contains seven songs and a short script.

Monday-Thursday Ages 7-12 10:30-12:30 July 16-July 26 Instructor: Emily Jo Seminoff


Recital Rehearsals (WOH Theatre) July 26, 10:30-12:30 & 4:00-5:30
Recital Performance: July 26th at 5:30
Tuition: $95/ $15 T-Shirt fee

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