Adult Ballet

Adult Beginning Ballet Basics

This class will be an introduction to ballet for adults who are just starting ballet and are interested in learning the basics. Class will teach proper alignment, positions, along with beginning steps at the barre and in center. Give it a try! You will become aware of muscles you never knew you had, and maybe leave class standing a little taller from proper posture. Best part: leotard NOT required, however, please wear clothes you can comfortably move in. Best to wear ballet slippers, but socks okay to start. Open for Men and Women.


Wednesdays 6:00-6:55, June 6-June 27
Instructor: Eva Sarry
Tuition: $40 if registering by May 24. $45 if registering after May 24.

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This class is for dancers who have completed Beginning Adult Ballet or Level One. Class time will be spent working barre, center, and corner combinations with adjustment for different levels of ability as needed while improving posture, balance and muscle tone. Continue to build on the graceful movements that have made ballet an enduring art form.


June 5-July 10
Instructor: Eva Sarry

Tuition: $60 if registering by May 24th. $65 if registering after May 24th.

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